Practice Facilitation

Integrating Behavioral Health

Integrating behavioral health services in the primary care setting is a key component of delivering quality care. Dr. Kristin David is an experienced practice facilitator who can help your team turn  ideas into action with a proven set of skills needed to move to this next level of integration.

Ready to Change?

Dr. David’s understanding of medical systems, psychological approaches, evidence-based interventions, and the patients that are being served, aids in her assessment of your teams readiness for change.

From Idea to Integration

Integrating behavioral health into an existing medical practice can be complex and slowed down by resistance to change and shift in workflow. When you utilize the expertise and experience of a practice facilitator you are more likely to reach successful integration. Follow this link for a soon to be published article on the subject

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Practice Facilitation

Services available on-site, as well as via video and telephone conferencing.