Skills and Experience

Dr. Kristin David is an independently licensed clinical psychologist with a post doctoral degree from Brown University. She received her Doctorate from Nova South Eastern University.  

Practice Facilitation

Dr. Kristin David designs integrated care models within the practice setting including building the IBH registry, warm hand off work flows, practice team meetings Identifying and engaging with external partners to meet the needs of patients with serious behavioral health conditions. She is an experienced integrated behavioral specialist with a passion for developing systems in which behavioral healthcare is accessible. In adition, she is the the integrated behavioral specialist at a patient centered medical home. Dr. David is an experienced Practice Facilitator who assist primary care practices with Start-up and operational considerations including hiring, scheduling, using the electronic health record for billing and documentation Implementing screenings for behavioral health conditions (depression, anxiety and substance use disorders) within primary care. 

Professional Coaching

Dr. Kristin David has over a decade of experience helping professionals find solutions to issues faced in the workplace. She is an expert in strategizing  ways to improve your work performance. Her deep understanding of human behavior can help you understand why you do what you do. Through this work she will help you discover and clarify what you deem as important. 

An additional area of expertise is with health care provider burn out. Provider  burnout in the United States is reaching epidemic proportions, and it has a  negative effect on all aspects of medical care, with a negative effect on your career satisfaction.  

“Numerous global studies involving nearly every medical and surgical specialty indicate that one in every three physicians is experiencing burnout at any given time.” Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey 2015.

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Dr. Kristin David

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